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Getting Started

Starting out with a copy of OneGoose couldn't be much easier. You simply go to the Setup Page, and make your choices:-

  • Select single page or multi-page
  • Choose your colour scheme from a list of compatible palettes, and adjust fonts and sizes if you wish
  • Decide how you want the title and menu bars organised, and how you want to use social media links
  • Give your site a name
  • If you want to include a "where to find me" map, type in your location
  • Load a logo image

...and that's about it!

Your website framework is set up (though you can go back and change it at any time)  and you're ready to enter some content.

(Please note - all the social media icons on this site have been made to point at this page. Normally, you'd choose which to use, and point them at your own accounts, of course!)